The Journey

This takes us back to 2006 when we first set foot on Italian soil, it was late summer then. Strolling along the historic city of Rome, we saw many gelateria (Italian ice-cream parlour). There were always long queues and people left happy licking away at their gelato, all beaming with smiles. Summer + gelato, it seemed like nothing could be more perfect!! We too joined the gelato-happy crowd, queued, bought a gelato and left the gelateria excited!! Unaware of the differences between ice-cream and gelato, we assumed that it would taste like ice-cream. How wrong we were!! It was the best frozen dessert we ever had!! Unlike any ice-cream; the texture of gelato was cloud-like smooth and the flavour of the pistachio was intense!! We have had discovered a whole new world... the world of Italian Dolce Freddo (Italian frozen desserts).

We brought the fond memory of Dolce Freddo back to Malaysia. We often went looking for a gelateria that offers authentic Italian Dolce Freddo but to no avail. We were left frustrated and the craving for authentic Italian Dolce Freddo was always present. Then, on one fine day in May 2011, we had "the call", the call for us to return to the homeland of Dolce Freddo! By July 2011, we took off to northern Italy, where modern gelato/ice-cream was invented dating back to 1565. And this time, we brought home with us the skills, techniques and secrets of exquisite Italian Dolce Freddo making.

About Us

Our brand, Cielo, pronounced as "ceh-lo", means heaven/sky, in Italian. The name captures the very essence of our Dolce Freddo Artigianale (artisanal frozen desserts). Sky is no limit for our creative maestros. We produce Dolce Freddo with cloud-like smoothness, heavenly in taste and quality.

We are very passionate about Dolce Freddo and professionally trained in Italy by the world renowned Maestros.

We are 100% Malaysian owned.